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Clearing the Countertop!

Our kitchen counter has some sort of magnetic field that tends to attract receipts, bills and all sorts of miscellaneous items that pertain to the many aspects of our lives.  Jake and I are both self employed (He’s a landscape designer and his company is Elements of Eden – I’m a wedding & event planner and my company is Bridal Blueprints), so there is no shortage of paperwork and receipts in our home.  The problem lies in keeping those items sorted and organized so come tax time or when it’s time to bill back expenses to our clients, we have our ducks in a row.

We have been on the hunt for a long time to find something to keep our home paperwork, personal paperwork, and paperwork for our businesses in some sort of order so that they don’t engulf our counter top.  Sure, there are always those plastic ones from an office supply store – but in all honesty, they are ugly!  Both of our offices are upstairs, so we wanted a solution that was both functional and didn’t look out of place in our downstairs living area.

Last week while on one of our TJ Maxx excursions, we hit the jackpot.  A four tier wall hanging organizer with nice deep compartments AND a place to label each compartment.  It was love at first sight.  For a very reasonable $29.99 we got the perfect solution to our receipt and paperwork clutter!

4 Tier Wall Organizer

Each tier has a slot for a label - makes it easy to sort all of your papers and receipts!

LOVE how deep each compartment is - plenty of room for receipts, mail and other items that need a home until they are put away!

They also have some with two compartments if you need a little less storage space.  I’m thinking about heading back over to pick up another one for my office!

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