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It is kind of ironic when you think about it -  what inspired me to write about product footprints.  I guess you could say it started with a boot and what footprint is left by that boot.  A literal footprint is similar to a product footprint in the sense that a mark has been left behind where you have tread.  Timberland has taken the initiative to reduce their footprint.  I found out about this by a little sticker on the bottom of one of their boots.

This sticker indicates the impact on the climate, chemicals used and resources consumed in order to create this boot.  I liked the boot for it’s style (Meredith wasn’t as big a fan) but I love it for it’s eco-consciousness.

What is a product footprint?  It is a term helpful in determining the amount of resources used along with considering factors such as whether those resources are renewable and harmful to you or the environment. Although we are not there yet across the board, you can find a wide array of businesses in various industries taking the initiative to make a conscious effort to reduce waste and implement more responsible manufacturing practices.  Walmart announced that they are going to put an eco rating on their products. When will it be available?  Who knows, but the fact that they are pressuring their suppliers to disclose information on what goes into their products is a huge step towards the future.  What it does is suggest that manufacturers need to get with the program if they havent already, because Walmart will publicize their eco irresponsibility.  Way to go Walmart!

An app for my phone called Good Guide is another way for consumers to distinguish the good fruit from the bad.  Most of these initiatives are evolving as we speak, and in some cases it may even seem as if we are taking a step back although we are actually taking a step forward.  Chipotle for example, is getting the ingredients for their food from local farmers who are staying away from the most modern industrial food production practices.  Here is a great video that paints that picture better than my words ever could.

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