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A Window To…Our Living Room!

Our house has a very open floor plan downstairs.  I’ve never really loved it – it made for a very difficult time arranging furniture!  Our living room in particular gave us quite a challenge in how to best position our furniture – two of the walls aren’t really walls at all, they are entry ways to the kitchen and the hallway.

OLD pic of our living room - like when we first moved in together over 3 years ago!

OLD pic of our living room - like when we first moved in together over 3 years ago! That space between the living room and kitchen nook was awkward!

One fateful morning, we were out shopping and stopped by Rooster Tails in downtown Franklin, TN.  Rooster Tails has all sorts of wonderful handmade furniture and antique pieces.  While wandering around, I took notice of an incredibly large window pane.  Each pane was approximately 12″x12″ and the entire window 4 panes high by 7 panes wide.  I immediately fell in love with it, but had absolutely no idea what I’d do with it, though I was bound and determined that I’d find a use for it!  When we went to inquire about purchasing it, we were told it had already been sold.  Over a year ago.  To a woman who came back to pick it up in a Honda Civic (the window is bigger than the car!).  She left, and never came back to get it.  After a little bit of pleading, they graciously sold it to us.

When we got the window home, it was quickly apparent that it just so happened to fit perfectly between our kitchen nook and our living room.  Jake added some anchored hooks to the window and to the doorway, attached some heavy gauge chain to the hooks in the ceiling, then suspended the window from the chain.  Voila, instant room divider!

Same view as the photo above - big change!

The large window created a physical divider that would allow us to place furniture up against it without it looking out of place, but the glass panes allow for light to come through and still makes the space feel open.  Win win!

View from the living room into the kitchen

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