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I’m a semi-newly wed (will hit two years this May!) who struck out on my own as a full time wedding and event planner this past year.  Between planning enchantingly beautiful events, teaching the amazing BarreAmped method, loving on my pups (Reilly + Copper – hence the name of the blog!) and my incredible husband Jake, I’m both insanely busy but fulfilled!


I’m the other half of that semi-newly wed couple, and the owner of a landscape design company called Elements of Eden.  My passion lies in all things horticulture along with the repurposing of everything from wooden palettes left over from a patio installation (our new TV stand) to palm fronds that fell off my Sago palm (living room wall art display).


I’m a Black Lab/Border Collie mix and the oldest Zeller fur-baby (born 10/2005) – my mom adopted me from Happy Tales Humane after fostering my sister Maggie + I.  I’m terrified of thunder storms and have an amazing ability to find unique hiding places (in the pantry, on the laundry room counter behind a basket of clothes) the second I feel a storm rolling in.  I love green smoothie left overs, stuffed animals once I’ve torn out the squeaker and stuffing, and early morning belly rubs.


I’m the newest addition to the Zeller family (hence the reason I’m not in the below Christmas card photo) and I was born in September 2011.  I’m a Catahoula Leopard Dog, though no one seems to have heard of my breed before!  I love walking my big brother Reilly on his leash, long naps, talking (my parents are trying to teach me to use my inside voice) and chewing on anything I can get my sharp little puppy teeth on.

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