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Decisions, Decisions…Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Vinyl?!

We absolutely despised (hated, abhorred, loathed – pretty much any other synonym of ‘dislike intensely’ that you can think of) the carpet in the living room (and everywhere else in the house).  With all of the foot traffic and having three dogs whom actively participated in the destruction of the carpet, it was just plain…

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Spark Board – Living Room

We had started an inspiration board (we’re calling ours ‘spark boards‘ because they ‘spark’ our projects into inception) for our living room awhile back when we started our coffee table turned ottoman project.  We slowly began adding to it as we found things we loved and here’s what we came up with.  The room still…

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The Evolution of a Living Room

I’m so glad that I’ve taken so many pictures of our house before we start changing each room.  I was digging through my iPhoto Library and found a ton of photos of our house in various stages of completion.  Jake and I started making this house our home together when he moved in December 2008…

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