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2 Year Engagement Anniversary

Two years ago – January 8, 2010, my pretty amazing husband proposed to me.  He couldn’t have been any more creative with his proposal – or more perfect in knowing that I wanted it to be private and just between the two of us.  This is the story of our proposal – I pulled it off of our website that we used for our wedding guests:

Meredith and Jake had made plans to have an official ‘date night’ on Friday, January 8th. They were planning to go to dinner at their favorite steak house, Stoney River, and then to the symphony. While Meredith was finishing up getting ready, she noticed a note on the bathroom mirror. It said ‘The crown of the stag bears the jewel of the sea’. Completely and utterly confused about what that meant, Jake told her she had to figure it out. Thinking she was being clever and would solve the riddle easily, she asked if she could Google it. As it turned out, Jake had made up the riddle on his own, so he was the only one who knew the meaning. After a lot of guessing (and a lot of prompting by Jake), Meredith finally figured out that the riddle was leading her to the location of the fish tank. The crown of the stag was a pair of antlers given to Jake by his grandfather, the sea was their fish tank. When Meredith went over to the fish tank, she saw that Jake had secured the ring with fishing line to the antlers and it was dangling in the water. Jake then said something about wanting to spend the rest of his life with Meredith (she can’t remember his exact words because she was too busy crying and shaking) and said ‘Meredith Rachel, will you marry me?’ Of course her answer was yes!

When he proposed, we had been living together for a year and together for fourteen months.  I was working in the corporate world (at a job I hated) and Jake was working on growing his landscaping business, Elements of Eden.  It’s amazing to see how far we have come in two years – Jake turning his business into a profitable, successful endeavor, and me free (mentally, emotionally, spiritually…in every way possible!) of the corporate world.  I thank my lucky stars every day for a husband who gave me the encouragement and support to pursue what makes me happy.  Today, I celebrate him being brave enough to make a lifetime commitment to me – I still question his judgement, but I continue to be ever more grateful for him and his love.  He is the epitome of what a good husband should – he challenges me, encourages me and never lets me give up.  I can be really mean to him (I blame hormones), and he doesn’t let me get away with it or walk away – he just loves me more.

I hope you are all having an amazing start to your 2012 – I’m off to eat pizza, drink champagne and watch a movie (sans iPhone or laptop!) with my better half!

Jake - January 19, 2012 - 1:56 am

To see this experience through your eyes is priceless… thank you : ) xoxo

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2012 Plans

My first post of the new year – and of this blog really! I guess the best way to start out is with all of the hopes, dreams and goals I have for 2012. I always write them down but somehow always find a way to lose them. This year I’m posting them for the world (or lets be honest, a few of my friends and family who might actually read this blog) to see and hold me accountable!

My 2012 Wishes/Dreams/Goals/Resolutions:

  • Simplify my life – less is more. Get rid of clothes I don’t wear, books I don’t read, stuff I stash away ‘just in case’ I need it. I’ve always wanted to have one of those homes that looks like everything has a place it belongs. Jake and I started out strong on this goal this morning by ripping apart the kitchen!
  • Take more baths. Don’t get me wrong – I shower everyday (ok, almost everyday)….I’m talking about making a point to run a tub full of hot water, drop a bath bomb in it and sit with a good book and a glass of wine surrounded by candles and allow myself some time to decompress and relax. I’m TERRIBLE at making myself relax.
  • Put the iPhone and computer away. Jake has been on me about this since we first got together over 3 years ago. I’m constantly distracted by checking my email, texts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That’s not how I need to stay connected – I need to learn how to disconnect from the outside world and focus my attention on my poor, neglected husband. I want to learn how to sit down and watch an entire movie without the computer or iPhone in front of me. No one is going to fall apart if I don’t respond to an email, text, or Facebook post immediately. I’ve allowed myself to become too good and responding too quickly – a blessing and a curse in my business!
  • Write more. A big part of the reason I started this blog was that I wanted to have an outlet to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I used to love to write – I want to get back into capturing my ideas and inspiration on paper (or blog??). I’m hoping that will allow me to stretch my creativity muscle a bit too!
  • Be more social. Most people don’t know this about me – but I have horrible social anxiety. I’ll get really excited about going to a party when it’s a few weeks off, but come day of, I absolutely dread it. I don’t know why exactly – maybe I worry too much about what people think about how I look or what I’m wearing or if I’ve gained a little bit of weight. Once I actually get to said event or party and get over my initial shyness, I’m perfectly fine. Considering I’m an event planner and my job requires being at events, this is a strange phobia, right? Difference is, I’m working at my events, not having to socialize. This year I want to create new friendships and strengthen the ones I’m already so blessed to have. More dinner dates, bowling nights, board game nights?:)
  • Be less judgmental. I judge people. A lot. And then I worry about people judging me. It’s a vicious cycle, really. I don’t know someone’s whole story, yet often I draw a negative conclusion about them without even digging deeper. I really want to make a change in what comes out of my mouth – no more negativity – I resolve to find something good about everyone (except MAYBE that jerk that flies across 4 lanes of traffic without using a signal and cuts me and everyone else off – I will probably still curse at that person and think they are a jerk.).
  • Be healthier. I LOVE teaching at BarreAmped. But I’ve let myself get lazy in actually going and taking classes. I want to make the effort to go and get my butt kicked at least 3 times a week and add in some additional cardio to start burning through my winter layer, permanently. I’m also going to nix all processed foods and make myself eat more fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Jake and I are throwing the idea around of having a baby, and I want my body to be as fit and healthy as possible before getting pregnant. I also want to make it a habit to start meditating everyday – the few times I’ve sat down and REALLY meditated (not just laid down, focused on my breathing and started snoring), I felt amazing. So centered and happy – not sure why I haven’t taken the time to do it more!
  • Get a better hold on our finances. I can budget the heck out of a wedding or event and keep track of expenses down to the penny on them. However, when it comes to my own budget and financial planning – not so good. I suspect if I took time to keep better track of my spending, I’d find that I was supporting our local Starbucks and Marco’s Pizza establishments way too much!
  • Grow our businesses. Jake and I have been so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to be self employed. I’ll have officially been working for myself for a year in March and Jake has been in business for himself for 3 years now. We’ve both been growing slowly and being cautious not to take on more than we can handle (we want to make sure we take great care of the clients we have!), but I think we are both ready to take it to the next level. Not exactly sure how that will be, but we are brainstorming:)

I know I’ve had others floating around in my head, but they are escaping me at the moment (hence the push to start writing on the blog). I already feel lighter just having written these down and gotten them out of my head and in front of my eyes. I think this is a good start for 2012!

Thanks for reading my musings – I wish you and your families a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!!


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