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Spark (spärk)

1. To give off sparks.
2. To give an enthusiastic response.
To set in motion; activate:

4. To rouse to action; spur; inspire
I’ve perused, created and utilized inspiration boards for years.  I remember cutting photos out of magazines and pasting onto poster board  – images of how I wanted to look, what I wanted to wear, how I wanted to decorate my room.  Inspiration boards have long since evolved from magazines and cardboard to digital photo-shopped masterpieces, but they still serve the same purpose – to inspire.  They all start with a thought, an object, an image – and they spark something within you.  They inspire you to work towards a goal that may be design oriented (that dream bedroom that you built in your imagination centered around that gorgeous duvet you spotted in Restoration Hardware) or an event (that wedding you’ve had dancing around in your dreams since you were a little girl watching Cinderella), or a vacation that has you criss crossing the globe (backpacking around Europe, anyone?).  Here is a collection of our ‘sparks’!

[...] had started an inspiration board (we’re calling ours ‘spark boards‘ because they ‘spark’ our projects into inception) for our living room awhile [...]

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